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35+ Years of Long Term Care Service
Missouri Division of Family Services
  • Case Worker
  • Disability determination
  • Home visitor for care givers and patients
  • Nursing home and residential care facility representative
  • Medicaid provider representative
  • Legislative liaison
Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
  • Coordinator of Information
  • Started the Long Term Care Information Center
  • Executive Director, The Next Step, Inc.
  • Family and Professional Consulting in Long Term Care
John Riley Elder Care and Cost Consultants, Inc.
  • Founder
  • Selecting and Maintaining Appropriate Care
  • Patient and Family Advocacy
  • Funding Long Term Care
  • Assets and Income Studies
  • Insurance Review
  • Medicaid, Division of Assets, Cash Grant
  • Blind Pension Eligibility

September 2016

In preparation for a well earned retirement, John made arrangements for his active and future clients to be managed by Maggie Cody-Reckert at The Next Step/ElderAssist. Given his role as the founding director of The Next Step, Inc., this brings his support of the elderly full circle and ensures the continuity of the critical services he and Maggie provide. John remains in a supporting role of ElderAssist.

John's Letter to Current and Future Clients

Thank you for the opportunity to support your geriatric care and financial planning needs, our team is ready to help you take 'The Next Step' in your care of your elderly loved ones.

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